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What is COR?

COR is the Certificate of Recognition is a voluntary program designed by the Partnerships in Injury and Reduction (PIR). It is essential to WCB’s injury reduction strategies and a key component of the Partnerships programs. By participating in this program you will help your organization:

  • Decrease your workers’ time away from work
  • Reduce additional hiring or training costs
  • Reduce costs associated with claims

Participation in this program also means you could be eligible for refunds up to 20%, and ensuring you are meeting the provincial Occupational Health and Safety standards.

COR is not a compliance program. Since this is voluntary and with exception to loss of a COR, there are no punitive results arising from poor audit performance.

Audit Registration - Submissions and Forms

All COR audits must be registered with AMTA and submitted prior to your audit start date. If there are any discrepancies you will be contacted for verifications

COR Submission

Please submit your COR audit and all supporting documentation to
A preliminary check will be conducting and confirmation of receipt will be sent.