IMPORTANT NOTICE: Transportation Safety Basics will expire on December 31, 2019 and be replaced by Health and Safety System Building.  See further details below.

Due to significant changes in the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program, the AMTA will be expiring all Transportation Safety Basics certifications as of December 31, 2019. This may affect your company’s ability to hold COR. The Health and Safety System Building (HSSB) course is the new pre-requisite for COR and the new pre-requisite for the AMTA’s auditor training program.

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Follower this link to Courses & Safety Training to view the training calendar and register for Health and Safety System Building.

NOTE: Any audits submitted after December 31, 2019 where the designated individual does not hold HSSB, will be rejected.

Details on the COR and PIR Program

What is the PIR Program?

Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR) has contributed to a reduction in the number of injuries and the claim costs associated with those injuries through the combined efforts of employers, Workplace Partnerships certifying partners and the WCB. It offers premium rate discounts to employers who have successfully implemented health, safety, and disability management programs and have achieved the Certificate of Recognition (COR) standards set by Workplace Partnerships and their certifying partner. The program has proven successful in the promotion of health and safety in Alberta.

First-time COR holders will receive a minimum 10% rebate for the first year of the program.
While it is generally recognized that a COR is an investment in a company’s future, the initial time commitment and financial investment discourages many employers from obtaining their COR and thereby participating in the PIR program. Offering a 10% rebate of premiums paid to first-time COR holders, as a minimum return on investment, will increase employer commitment and desire to enroll in this program and complete the necessary requirements to achieve and maintain their COR.

PIR Rebate in the year the COR is achieved

Given that current year rebates are not paid until May of the following year, turnaround for the financial incentive can exceed a full 12-month period. By amending the payment date for first-time COR holders to the date notice is received that they have obtained a COR, participants will receive rebates from the PIR program sooner which offsets their initial investment in safety. Program changes are effective for the 2005 PIR program year.

Can employers earn more than a 10% rebate in their first year of the program?
Yes. They earn a 10% rebate for achieving a COR but are also eligible for the other two measures in PIR – Improving Your Performance and Maintaining Industry Leadership. Achieving on these other two measures could push the total PIR refund up to 20%.

After the first year of the program what incentives are in place for PIR participants?
In year two of the program the incentive for maintaining COR reverts to a 5% discount but participants can still earn up to a maximum rebate of 20% for industry leadership or improved performance.

Do employers need to register with us prior to the year they want to participate in the program?
No. Once employers achieve their COR, they become eligible for a rebate in the year they earned it. They still must register in PIR, but the registration is effective at the time of earning a COR.

For more information, call toll-free from anywhere In Alberta: 1-866-WCB-WCB1 (1-866-922-9221)

Outside of Alberta call 1-800-661-9608. You can e-mail us at: or visit our website:

How Can My Company Become a COR Holder?

The COR is awarded Workplace Partnerships and AMTA. Employers who have met the standard set by these two agencies, with their standards being verified by an external/ internal evaluation of the companies Health and Safety Program.

  • The CEO, President, owner or other senior manager must attend the AMTA Health and Safety Program Building (previously known as TSB). The designated safety person must also attend.
  •  Each participant will need the services of an external/internal auditor. The auditor is:
  1.  Trained through the AMTA as an “internal auditor from within member companies
  2.  External auditors are selected from AMTA staff evaluator; or
  3.  Are selected from a group of contract auditors who meet the AMTA standard for program evaluations.
    Note: The cost of the evaluations are borne by participating employers so the most cost effective method will be determined by AMTA and the Company in question.
  • Employers will arrange with AMTA a suitable time to have the external evaluation of the Company’s Health and Safety Program conducted. When the audit meets all standards, the AMTA will issue a COR in conjunction with Alberta Human Resources and Employment.
  • Once a COR has been issued it is valid for 3 years as long as all maintenance requirements are met. (First Year requires an external evaluation next two years require internal evaluations)

For more information on the COR Program, contact Agnes Rozanska in Calgary at 403-214-3442 or by email at

Contact our course coordinator at or at 1-877-448-7456 if you require further information.