Date Posted

July 2, 2021

OTTAWA, ON (June 29, 2021) – Trucking HR Canada’s Craig Faucette has been named Chief Program Officer today, as the organization manages new and expanding programs.

Craig has been directing Trucking HR Canada programs since the fall of 2018 as director of policy and programs. In that time, he has effectively led and delivered on key industry HR initiatives including our labour market information; workplace harassment and violence work with Labour Canada; our Top Fleet Employer program and more.

As Chief Program Officer, Craig will continue to lead Trucking HR Canada’s programming, maintaining our standards of excellence in program delivery and supporting new program growth.

“As Trucking HR Canada manages growing programs, we are proud to recognize and retain our top talent” says Angela Splinter, CEO Trucking HR Canada. “As Chief Program Officer, Craig will continue to lead, coach and empower our team to meet key HR issues impacting trucking and logistics employers.”

“Our re-organization will allow Trucking HR Canada to continue to deliver the research and resources that address key industry HR initiatives,” says Craig Faucette. “I am excited to lead a strong, results-oriented team that will allow us to support the industry through economic recovery.”

Trucking HR Canada’s re-organization includes increased responsibilities for Marisha Tardif, now senior program analyst, and Anthonia Ani as senior manager, administration. New roles have been established, and recruitment for these positions will begin soon.

Trucking HR Canada key program areas include labour market information; recruitment and retention tools and resources; the Top Fleet employer program; women with drive; skills and training standards; and labour standards compliance. Growth areas include wage and training subsidies through the Career ExpressWay Program, along with an enhanced focus on supporting employers with all workforce planning needs.

To learn more, please visit the Trucking HR website.