Date Posted

April 27, 2021

Alberta Government release – April 27, 2021PIC [Partners in Compliance] is a voluntary commercial truck safety program that promotes safety excellence for commercial truckers and reduces red tape. It  recognizes members who demonstrate a strong safety culture and operational excellence in commercial transportation in Alberta. PIC members can receive reduced administrative fees and bypass privileges at most provincial commercial vehicle inspection stations.

“Partners in Compliance is a well-respected safety standard that succeeds because of its members’ exceptional commitment to safety. Renewing this program will mean safer drivers on Alberta’s roads and reduced costs for our partners. It’s a win-win for Albertans and industry.”

Ric McIver, Minister of Transportation

“This is a common-sense arrangement that reduces red tape and protects safety on our roads by requiring members to maintain an ‘Excellent’ safety fitness rating, the highest rating possible in Alberta. To obtain this rating, carriers must hire an independent third party auditor to assess four main areas of compliance – carrier safety, driver safety, drivers’ hours of service and vehicle maintenance.”

Kaycee Madu, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

“Partners in Compliance is the result of a decades-long collaboration with commercial carriers of excellence, the Alberta Transportation Carrier and Vehicle Safety Branch and Alberta Sheriffs. We look forward to continuing working together while using data and innovation to evolve road safety for all Albertans.”

Chris Nash, president, Alberta Motor Transport Association

“Partners in Compliance is a program of excellence allowing carriers to showcase their safety performance using recognized transportation data. Solidifying this partnership ensures continued collaboration to use data to measure carriers by established safety standards and benchmarks providing stakeholders the opportunity to reduce risk by identifying and choosing trusted carriers that invest in safety as a culture. All of this is in the goal of keeping workers and all road users as safe as possible.”

Brad Beerling, chair, Partners in Compliance

Quick facts

-The Partners in Compliance program was established in 1995 to promote safety and encourage high levels of compliance among the commercial carrier industry.

Members of PIC can receive:

-Reductions in fees for driver abstracts, commercial driver abstracts, waived Safety Fitness Certificate renewal fees and vehicle inspection facility fees

-Bypass privileges at most provincial commercial vehicle inspection stations

-Safety Fitness Certificate renewal extension and National Safety Code extension from three years to six, as long as the carrier remains in compliance

-There are 62 active PIC members in Alberta