Date Posted

July 29, 2021

ABBOTSFORD, B.C. July 29, 2021— Hutch Systems Inc. becomes the first and only Transport Canada Certified Electronic Logging Device (ELD) vendor, passing all test procedures as per the Third Party certification company- FP Innovations, appointed by Transport Canada.

The Canadian mandate of ELD was much more rigorous than the self-certification process in the US, by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA). Appointing an accredited third party for certification will ensure compliance, safety and enforcement on the highways and roads in Canada.

“It is not easy understanding, using and testing a new software. Most Carriers that use ELD need a 1-2 month incubation period to successfully operate and use these systems with full compliance. I have always believed in my team at Hutch who, with FP Innovations, took adequate time to complete the process fairly and successfully” says Manvir Ghuman, the Chief Executive Officer at Hutch Systems Inc.

He also stressed on the trait that Hutch Team follows- “Being a believer.”

As per FP Innovations- Hutch Systems is the first company to create an ELD that can be described as a Hard-wired solution, but allows the Carriers to bring their own Tablet/Smartphone, thus eliminating unnecessary malfunctions and data diagnostic events that are more likely to occur in hand-held devices.

“After looking at the US ELD market, we wanted the Carriers to be able to have an affordable solution that allowed them to bring their own phone/tablet of their choice, without compromising the benefits of a hard-wired solution. Our main focus has always been R&D, Innovation and Compliance” says Gary Dhaliwal, the Chief Technology Officer at Hutch Systems Inc.

Vishal Sharma, the Head of Sales/Marketing at Hutch urges Carriers to procure their ELD devices as soon as possible, “Chip shortages have halted productions all over the world, hitting the
Telematics industry as well. We might not be able to fulfil all orders in time, I urge Carriers to create a plan on securing a Third Party Certified ELD before the progressional enforcement time is over, i.e. June 12, 2022.” he says.

Hutch will be offering an introductory, affordable price for a limited time, so that the Carriers don’t feel a huge financial burden if they are wanting to switch sooner than later.

There is now a Transport Canada Certified ELD in the market, and Hutch believes there will be more that follow