Date Posted

July 29, 2021

The commercial transportation industry is constantly evolving and with that the Alberta Motor Transport Association continues to see a growing role in both industry and the economy.

Prior to COVID-19 and throughout the pandemic, the association has worked tirelessly to support industry and advocate for changes in safety standards and legislation while ensuring the supply chain keeps moving and the commercial transportation industry continues to garner the respect and recognition it deserves.

To that end, AMTA continues to be committed to its membership and growing the expertise, courses and programs that improve the safety for everyone on Alberta’s roads.

After quite some time without a change, we presented an increase to membership at our AGM, which is now being implemented. Careful consideration has been given to inflation rates, cost of business and the overall value proposition AMTA offers all members on a daily basis.









Fee changes will be activated on July 29, 2021 and reflected in the next annual billing cycle.

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