Climate Change White Paper

The Alberta Motor Transport Association is pleased to present a white paper on Climate Change Leadership for Commercial Vehicle GHG Reduction Technology. This report outlines the many initiatives that the transportation industry can consider to reduce the impact of GHG emissions, while improving the carbon footprint of transportation vehicles and motor coaches in Alberta.

The carbon levy implemented on January 1, 2017 adds 5.35 cents/liter and an additional 2.68 cents/liter to the cost of fuel in 2018. This 8 cent/liter increase adds significant costs to the transportation industry in an already challenging economy, risking investment and the jobs of hardworking Albertans.

The technologies outlined in this white paper are precisely the type of mechanism the government has been encouraged to identify and assist industry to reduce the impact of the carbon tax. It is the AMTA’s position that carriers who are taking positive steps to assist in meeting the government’s commitment to carbon reduction should be recognized for their effort, as well as encourage more carriers to participate in these GHG Reduction Strategies.

Click here to read the full report: Climate Change White Paper – A Comprehensive Proposal on Climate Change Strategies for the Alberta Commercial Transportation Industry.

For more information, please contact Andrew Barnes – Director, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, AMTA