Workplace Support Services (WSS) functions as a connector between AMTA and its membership. The department provides members with access to critical resources, expertise, and services designed to build awareness and improve the quality of engagement from and with the association. WSS employs specialists and coordinates the rental of facilities and equipment to members for the purpose of driving continuous improvement in outcomes related to safety, training, compliance, and engagement.

WCB Toolkit

This guide has been prepared by Workers’ Compensation Board – Alberta, and AMTA, to assist employers with the tools and resources required for return-to-work and modified work requirements for injured workers.


Attracting, Recruiting and Retaining Drivers

Approaches to attracting, recruiting, and retaining workers for small- and medium-sized carriers
Rob Dombowsky, MBA, CPHR
AMTA Industry Advisor, Human Resources & Labour

In this paper, AMTA will outline best practices that are best applied to small and medium-sized companies but may still be applied to large companies. We will cover three areas. First, we will explore attracting potential employees to your company. Next, we will look at strategies for hiring and getting the right people on board. Finally, we will look at how to develop a retention strategy.


Psychosocial Hazard Control in Alberta's Trucking Industry

A Guide to Improving Psychological Safety for Small- and Medium-Sized Carriers
Dave A. Elniski, AMTA Industry Advisor, Safety and Compliance
Psychosocial and psychological hazards need to be addressed by safety management systems in the trucking industry. In addition to the compliance requirements under both federal and provincial legislation, carriers risk falling behind other carriers and industries by not taking steps to mitigate risk from these hazards.

However, trucking safety professionals are not as prepared to manage psychological safety; for many, this area of safety still feels new, and trucking-specific resources are scant.

AMTA has prepared this guide to addressing psychosocial hazards in trucking company safety programs as a way to assist individuals and carriers in addressing the psychological aspects of their safety programs.


The Team

Cliff Litke
Senior Advisor, Workplace Support Services

As Senior Advisor of the Workplace Support Services team at AMTA, Cliff acts as the face and sounding board of AMTA to members and industry. The position encompasses all facets of the AMTA including the Injury Reduction & Training (IRT), Certificate of Recognition (COR), Partners in Compliance (PIC) and Compliance and Regulatory Affairs (CRA) departments. Cliff also leads the AMTA Driver of the Month and Road Knight programs. Lately you’ll see Cliff on your computer screens and in person as the producer behind AMTA’s regular regional meetings. With 35 years experience in the commercial transportation industry in Alberta as a dock worker, class 1 driver, sales professional, manager, trainer and instructor (LCV, PDIC, TDG), Cliff can use this wealth of experience, as well as the help of the WSS team, to help carriers navigate uncertain territory. In his spare time, Cliff enjoys spending time with his family, and takes time for outdoors recreation, fitness, hockey and golf.

Dave Elniski
Industry Advisor, Safety & Compliance

Dave Elniski is AMTA’s Industry Advisor in Safety & Compliance in Workplace Support Services (WSS).  In this role, he offers advice to carriers and individuals on occupational health and safety as well as transportation-specific safety and compliance.  Dave started in the transportation industry doing a brief bit of dock and local work before hitting the road as a long-haul flatbed driver.  After working in fleet safety management for an Alberta-based carrier, he was hired by AMTA and is one of the early Certified Transportation Safety Professional (CTSP) designation holders.  Dave also holds the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) designation and is currently working on a Master’s degree where he is examining safety and social factors in the trucking industry.  Outside of transportation safety, Dave is an active reservist in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Rob Dombowsky
Industry Advisor, Human Resources & Labour
Rob Dombowsky is a Human Resources and Safety Industry Advisor with the Alberta Motor Transport Association. He has diverse industry experience in transportation and logistics, manufacturing, construction and human/professional services. He is also an instructor at the University of Lethbridge,
where he teaches Occupational Health and Safety as well as Human Resources and Labor Relations. With over 20 years of experience Rob has been actively engaged in the Human Resources and Safety community at local, provincial and international levels. Rob is a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces having served with the United Nations, in the former Yugoslavia and other postings. Post military, Rob graduated from the University of Alberta and pursued expat opportunities in Russia, Taiwan and China. While living in Taiwan, Rob earned his Masters in Business Administration from National Taiwan University and a Certificate in International Human Resources from Cornell University. Upon returning to Canada, Rob obtained his CPHR (Chartered Human Resources Professional) designation. He is also currently enrolled at the University of Alberta in the OHS Certificate Program. In addition, Rob is a certified Lean Sensei Green Belt, with a focus on HR/Admin process improvements and work automation.



Federal versus Provincial Safety Regulation
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Working Alone
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Mandatory Emergency Equipment in NSC Vehicles
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Using Existing Resources
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UPDATED Canada-Alberta Job Grants and You
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Unconscious Bias
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Class 2 Commercial License Plates
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EAPs, EFAPs, and Psychosocial Hazards: Exploring the practice of external employee support systems
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Changes to the Canada Labour Code – Paid Medical leave
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Post-Incident Debriefs and Mental Health First Aid
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Hazard Assessments – Federal and Provincial
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Queen Elizabeth II’s Holiday – Does it Apply to my Trucking Company?
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Policies, Procedures, and Psychosocial Hazards
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Changes to Federal Privacy Legislation Could Cost Federally Regulated Carriers
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Alberta OHS Releases OHS Legislation Search Tool for Albertan Employers
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The Impact of Micro Traumas on Mental Health and its Role in the Prevention of Workplace Violence
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USDOT Operations as a Canadian Carrier
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Providing Effective Feedback: SBI/BI Model
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Investigating Common Workplace Injuries: OHS Prevention Initiative Incident Investigations
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WCB Occupational Injury Service
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Psychosocial Hazards Survey Results
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Working Alone, Intersectionality, and the Caring Person Test for Safe Work Practices
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Federal Minimum Wage Increases on April 1
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A Tale of Two WCB Accounts
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WCB seeking industry feedback on three policy updates
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Safety Fitness Certificates in Alberta
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Pink Shirt Day and the Connection to Workplace Bullying
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Light Vehicle Weight Management
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Partnerships in Injury Reduction for Trucking
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AMTA COVID-19 Update – Important WCB, OHS and CLC Information
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Ongoing Driver Training Ideas
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Psychosocial Hazards in Alberta’s Trucking Industry
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Incident Reporting Requirements
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Employee who fell in her home’s stairwell eligible for worker’s compensation
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Exemptions from and Modifications to Hours of Work Provisions Regulation
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Update: 2022 WCB Industry Rates Announced
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Changes to WCB Employer Report of Injury or Occupational Disease
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Alberta Jobs Now Program Second Intake Opens
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What is the Canada-Alberta Job Grant?
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In-Cab Documents
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Legislation, Best Practices & Everything in Between
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Commercial Vehicle Dual Registration
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Alberta’s Changing Insurance Landscape
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Canada-Alberta Job Grants and You
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COVID-19 and infectious diseases: Guidance and recommendations for employers
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Safety Fitness Certificates in Alberta
Updated processes for applications and renewals, and the importance of the February 28th, 2022 deadline
June 15, 2021 – (Click here to read)

Collision Reviews: A New Process in Alberta for Challenging Carrier Profile Collision Points
On May 1st, 2021, the process for Alberta-based carriers to challenge Carrier Profile points from collisions changed
May 25, 2021 – (Read bulletin here)

Regional Meeting Recordings

Regional Meeting Recordings

Update: We’re returning to in-person! Calgary will take place April 6, Edmonton April 12 and Grande Prairie, April 14. Questions? Reach out to

Regional meetings are an opportunity for AMTA membership, stakeholders and industry experts with a passion for safety and commercial transportation come together to talk initiatives, programs, events, legislation and more. Below is a collection of recorded virtual events.

Dec. 14, 2021
Nov. 3, 2021
April 28, 2021

For full Regional Meeting details, click here!



Driver of the Month





Is there a driver in your fleet with an exemplary record? Do they go above and beyond not only for industry but for the motoring public? Maybe this driver is a veteran of the road, or maybe they are new to the profession but showing great skill and a passion for safety. Click here for details.

AMTA Road Knights





Our team of AMTA Road Knights stand ready to visit communities throughout the province to deliver a message of how to safely share the road with trucks and to raise awareness of industry career opportunities. AMTA Road Knights are professional transport drivers with first-class driving records who meet with the community to raise awareness of industry careers and how to safely share the road with a truck. Learn more.

AMTA Micro-Learns