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VS 600M Truck Simulator

Virage Simulation delivers a Mobile Training Laboratory to the Alberta Motor Transport Association’s Calgary office. We also have a VS600M truck driving simulator located at the Edmonton office.

“In real-world training, some objectives are too risky, too slow, or simply impossible to achieve at all. In a simulator, we can expose drivers to various hazards; we can replicate and segment the most complex driving tasks and traffic situations; and we can object score driver performance. In the real world, this level of safety and precision in training is difficult to achieve. And of course, using the simulator is cost-effective compared to using an actual truck.”

– Remi Quimper, President Virage Simulation

Key Features
  • Real Truck Parts
  • 3-D Sound
  • Automatic and Manual Transmission
  • Complete Driver Training & Evaluation Information
  • Simulation of Eaton-Fuller 10-13-18
  • High-Performance Compact 3 axis Motion System
  • Multi-Function Touch Display
  • High Fidelity Visual Scenes with Virtual 360 Degree View From Driver’s Seat
  • Realistic Steering Wheel Behaviour, Clutch, Throttle and Brake response
The Objective

To expose the drivers to situations, allowing them to increase their confidence and skill levels in a controlled environment. Selection of the various modules allows for customization of training and will enhance your driver’s experience.

The Most Critical Component

The most critical component of a training simulator is the programming of the training scenarios. Each scenario has specific goals, every factor from weather and road conditions to the behaviours of other road users.

The Visual

The visual representation provides drivers with a real-life perspective from the driver’s seat, offering a 180-degree forward field of view and rear-view mirrors using the latest LCD high resolution display technology.

Training Programs

The following programs are offered to meet your organization’s needs:

  • Changing Gears: The Golden Shifter
  • Maneuvering in the City: The Golden Steering
  • Backing Up: The Golden Mirrors
  • The Virage Simulation Approach to Ecodriving
  • Snow Plow
  • School Bus

The simulator scenario designs are based on proven applied principles. Lessons and evaluations will be performed under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Attention is given to shifting, maneuvering in confined areas, optimizing vehicle performance and hazard recognition.

The most significant benefit of a simulated experience is the evaluation process. Hands-on learning is increased with immediate feedback.

Contact Us

The AMTA has two truck simulators, one based at our Edmonton office and the other in Calgary and is a Mobile Training Unit.
To arrange simulator training at the AMTA office or in the field at a location of your choice, please contact:

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