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Course Description

The Professional Driver Improvement Course instructor training will enable your trainers to teach the Alberta Transportation certified AMTA PDIC course to your employees. The course provides students a three demerit credit that can be applied once every two years to remove up to three demerits (if the driver has between 2 and 14 demerits) from their driving record. It also meets the criteria for four year recertification for Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) drivers.

The course consists of ten modules:

  1. The Professional Driver
  2. Regulations
  3. Driver Fitness and Fatigue
  4. Inspections and coupling
  5. Air Brake Refresher
  6. Professional Driving
  7. Adverse Conditions
  8. Urban Driving
  9. Rural Driving
  10. Backing

This is a six day course that is comprised of hands-on instruction.
Class days are eight hours in duration, for a total of 48 hours of training.
Day 1: Overview Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC) material.
Day 2: Basic teaching concepts, how to manage classroom time and trainees teach modules from the PDIC course
Day 3 and 4: Co-teach PDIC course at an AMTA facility with AMTA senior instructor (trainee to provide students for the class)
Day 5 and 6: Trainee teaches full PDIC course at their facility (with their employee trainees) while AMTA senior instructor observes and provides feedback

Course Fee

$4,000+ GST

For further course information or to register, please contact us at