A Unified Endeavour – The 2017 Membership Drive

SINCE 1938
, the Alberta Motor Transport Association has created traction on all matters affecting Alberta’s transportation sector. From safety practices and education, to policy and regulation, our influence is evident on every highway. By facilitating industry and stakeholder forums for current issues, and connecting our membership with industry leaders and government partners, the AMTA has proven to engage our membership in all initiatives for our industry.

We recognize that the commitment and investments of our members through their time, knowledge, skills and resources have been the reason we are still in existence eight decades strong. For this reason, we are more determined in 2017 to improve our current member-relations, and engage with prospective members who are committed to shaping a better transportation industry in Alberta.

I am proud to announce that the AMTA will be conducting a Membership Drive for our Carrier Membership and Associate Supplier programs from February 15, 2017 to September 30, 2017. All current members in the two programs are challenged to bring one new Carrier Member and/or Associate Supplier within the time period of the membership drive to receive a discount on your next membership renewal fee. Each discount received will be equivalent to 10% of the new member’s fee, only applicable during the period of the Membership Drive.

As well, we will take the required steps to solicit for feedback from our current members, enhance our current services and benefits, and provide the well-rounded membership package our members look forward to receiving, while maintaining momentum on our current policy positions and safety initiatives.

Collaboration is key to our industry’s success. And only with dedicated members can we gain vital traction on current industry issues, and create momentum as we advance our industry to the next level. I thank you for your continued dedication to our association, and welcome all new members.

JOIN US as we raise standards of safety and excellence in commercial transportation across Alberta.

Lorraine Card
Alberta Motor Transport Association