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SECOR Submission Options

Option 1 – Paper Based

Drop off in person or courier to our Rocky View location, or submit electronically.

Click here for the SECOR package for small employers.

SECOR package for small employers:

Option 2 – AuditSoft SECOR Tool

License $104 + GST*

*License is good for 270 days

Get started with AuditSoft in four easy steps:

  1. Download AuditSoft and follow the install instructions
  2. Take the free online training
  3. Get an audit license – “AMTA-SECOR Audit License”
  4. Review help and support resources

Option 3 – e-Audit Tool SECOR

License information (per company audited):

Cost: $150

This e-Audit Tool is the AMTA’s electronic audit application for SECOR. The audit tool is the most efficient and effective way to submit your SECOR audit. Submit your SECOR audit in five (5) simple steps:

  1. Purchase the SECOR audit tool
  2. Register your audit
  3. Complete the questionnaire
  4. Upload verification documents straight from your computer
  5. Review and submit your audit

Can be used in conjunction with:

The AMTA Safety Tool Box
The AMTA Safety Tool Box offers companies an opportunity to develop, build, and maintain a current health and safety management system up to the current standards of ISNetworld which you can implement to obtain your SECOR.

Safety manual includes:

  • Updates for ISNetworld®
  • Best Practices
  • Legislative requirements
  • Documentation

Procedures within the toolbox are updated annually to assist you with the maintenance of your health and safety management system. Annual updates to the procedures will ensure you stay compliant to current ISNetworld standards and AMTA COR/SECOR requirements.

Included in the ToolBox is an e-audit tool for SECOR audits.
For more information please contact InUnison 403-400-7985.

Cost: $400.00 for members
Cost: $800.00 for non-members
Duration of license: One year