Note: Effective January 2023 all audits must include observations

>Audit Validation Methods (D, I, O)

-Documentation can be reviewed remotely and/or on-site

-Interviews continue to have flexibility for virtual and/or on-site

-Including on-site observations is a requirement for 2023 audits

> Certification/Recertification Audit Minimum Requirements

External audits must be based on documentation, interviews, and observations for eligibility for three-year CORs

-The minimum requirement for documentation is any 12 months of system documentation in the previous 12-month period

-The passing score for certification/recertification is minimum of 80% overall, with no less than 50% in each element

-If an employer has less than 12 months of documentation, a One-Year COR may be available

>Regular employers must have documentation to verify that their health and safety system has been in place for at least three months to qualify for a One-Year COR

> Maintenance Audit Minimum Requirements

Maintenance audits must be based on documentation, interview and observation, and can be conducted by the certified auditors (internal or external) or by an auditor candidate

-The minimum requirement for documentation is any 12 months of system documentation in the previous 12-month period.

-The passing score for maintenance audits is a minimum of 60% based on overall score only

> COR Auditor Certification

-Internal Auditors who have taken AMTA Certified COR Auditor Program in 2022 will continue to complete one audit to submit a qualification audit

-Internal Auditors who take the AMTA Certified Auditor Program in 2023 will need to submit the qualification audit within 90 days of the last day of the course

> Auditor Certification Maintenance

-Auditors in their current three-year cycle will continue to only require one audit in the three-year cycle to maintain their certification

-Auditors who recertify in 2023 are required to successfully complete two audits (or maintenance audit options) within the three-year auditor certification period

> Action Plans – COR Maintenance Option

-For employers who complete Action Plans in lieu of maintenance audits the following deadlines:

> Action Plan Proposal Submission: May 31

> Amendments: October 31

> Final Submission with Deliverables: November 30