Effective Immediately

All COR (Large Employer) maintenance, re-certification and certification audits will be limited to documentation Only!

Starting March 19, 2020, all COR audits must be completed using DOCUMENTS only. This removes the obligation for auditors to tour work sites and interview workers. Auditors will continue to be required to verify documented practices. This practice is approved to run until December 31, 2020.

COR AUDITS must be completed through AuditSoft!

Audit Soft Training

COVID-19 : Documentation Audit Process

All AMTA COR audits must be completed within a new application. The AuditSoft tool is approved by Partnerships and will accept documentation only audits.


The documentation only process for any external auditors conducting a SECOR audit will also apply.  Any questions that are based on interview or observation verification must be marked as NOT APPLICABLE (N/A).

  • The current SECOR audit tool will still be accepted.

Distance Learning solutions are in progress.

Auditors who receive limited certification under this process, will have to conduct a new regular qualification audit to qualify for full auditor certification.


  • COR holders much achieve an overall audit score of 60% to maintain COR
  • The passing score for documentation-only certification audits will be 80% overall and will result in a one-year COR
  • COR’s completed using the documentation-only audit will result in a 1-year certificate
  • Cost associated with obtaining an AuditSoft license is $125+gst