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Expand on opportunities to grow your business network and increase your sales in forming an exclusive partnership with AMTA and our membership. It’s simple really, you provide us with a product, discount, or service for our membership and in turn you benefit from the services AMTA can provide for you. The AMTA Plus Program is the best way for us to create engagement opportunities and benefits for our membership partners. Members get better insights into our initiatives, access to exclusive networking events and unique sponsorship opportunities only AMTA Plus members can access. In addition, AMTA Plus members get prominent and exclusive AMTA.ca website space, social media influence to our almost 10,000 like-minded followers across the most popular platforms, and editorial mentions across all the digital entities of AMTA including our eNews, which reaches thousands every week.

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ChainSmart™ by Wolftrac Safety Ltd, is the world’s first specialized tire chain safety training program – designed and developed specifically for the trucking and transport industry.
Whether you need to develop your tire chain knowledge or master your skills – You will learn valuable tips and techniques on how to chain up like a pro!

Diesel Tech Industries

Diesel Tech Industries is a trusted and well established company with close to 20 years in the transport industry technology field. Our continuous innovation has made us an industry leader not only in Alberta but globally in building vehicle related electronic technology.

Products like vehicle network interfacing modules and critical engine shutdown systems are all designed, manufactured, and assembled under one roof in Alberta.

Throughout the years, DTI’s catalog of market driven innovation projects expanded. Equipped with an inhouse multidisciplinary engineering team that includes hardware, firmware, software and mechanical engineers, we are scalable to meet demands of several projects at once. These engineering assets possess real world experience in prototyping and have taken all of our products from customer discovery to development to production to market. Our qualified existing vendors for mass production makes it possible for us to continue innovating. We are involved from concept to production and manufacturing processes.

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LaCapitale Financial Security

The AMTA and La Capitale Financial Security have come together to bring you an outstanding personal income protection package that will make a real difference in your life – while saving you money in the process.

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FleetWaze ELD is a trusted leader in the transportation and field service industries.


Total Energies

TotalEnergies produces and markets energies on a global scale


Group Health

Coverage, plan designs and administration solutions for Canadian businesses



Simplified expense management solutions



Leadership training partner for firms large and small


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