Date Posted

June 20, 2023

The Industry Task Force (ITF) Association is a collaborative organization established under the Societies Act in 1999, working towards positive changes in workers’ compensation matters in Alberta. The ITF represents the viewpoints of Alberta employers who are members of the association. The Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) has been an active member of the ITF for several years and recently attended the June 14 quarterly meeting.

During the meeting various topics were discussed. One of the key areas of focus was Industry Custom Pricing and how WCB can poll industry. Additionally, the meeting involved a thorough examination of cost relief strategies aimed at supporting employers in managing their workers’ compensation expenses and driving claims costs down.

The ITF plays a crucial role in influencing legislation, policies, programs, and practices related to workers’ compensation in Alberta. Through their collaborative efforts, they aim to represent the interests of their members and drive positive change in the workers’ compensation system. To get involved, visit ITF here or contact to learn more.