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August 31, 2018

Workers’ Compensation Board Alberta (WCB) is introducing a new return-to-work specialist service designed specifically for situations when return to work is a little more challenging. To support you in preparing for the changes to Bill 30 legislation, taking effect on September 1, the AMTA would like to provide you this information bulletin from WCB.

This new service is to help you meet your obligation

Getting an injured worker back to work with their date-of-accident employer has always been the best outcome — effective September 1, employers will have a new obligation through new legislation to bring their workers back after injury – this means we will work closely to achieve creative but practical return-to-work solutions. (This is one of the changes that are part of the Bill 30 legislation: find out more).

Wanting to provide you with the best support to help navigate this change, WCB is introducing a new return-to-work specialist service that has been designed specifically for situations when return to work is a little more challenging.  This new service includes specialists in disability management (and with varied backgrounds in psychology, adaptive technologies, occupational health and safety, and kinesiology); their focus is on modifications required for the essential job duties the worker can’t do or, in some cases to explore new options with you for those workers.

Claim owners will continue to be your primary return-to-work contact and will work with you on your workers’ claims to identify and explore return-to-work opportunities. If help is needed, the claim owner may make a referral to a return-to-work specialist. The return-to-work specialist will help create a plan for a timely return to work when your worker is medically fit to return to pre-accident or suitable alternative work.

The return-to-work specialists provide a service specific to individual claims. Like other services from a provider, the cost for the return-to-work specialist service will be invoiced on the claim.

Here’s what the new referral process will look like

Once a claim owner refers your claim to a return-to-work specialist, the specialist will contact you to have a conversation about your obligation to reinstate your injured worker, the potential cost implications, and to start brainstorming creative and meaningful modified-work or alternate work opportunities. The return-to-work specialist is also available to speak with your worker and the union, as needed. Workers have a responsibility to cooperate with you and WCB.

The return-to-work specialist may recommend and participate in return-to-work planning meetings to facilitate creative and practical return-to-work solutions.|

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