Date Posted

April 16, 2020

Dear Alberta Motor and Transportation Association

I am a member of the St.Albert community,a dancer, a sister and a junior high student who attends St.Albert public school. I  thank you for working around Covid-19, I know my family and others depend on the things that you bring to the town stores. Without some of the things you bring in our lives would be very limited.

Thank you for having as much patience as you do during this pandemic. I would like you to know that my family goes to stores once a week for groceries and we like to get in and get what we need quickly and get out. You bring all the supplies we need to the stores so they  are not empty and we still have a choice of what to buy. I heard that you have to change your clothes after each shipping site and that is extremely responsible of you, I also hear that there are some places that keep their restrooms open for you to have a bathroom break. I think that is generous of them because they know how hard you work and how cautious  you are when leaving sites.

I hope that my St.Albert community are being safe around you because you are traveling and don’t want to pick up Covid-19 from something as simple as someone not being as cautious as they should be. We are protecting ourselves best we can and I hope you are too. We appreciate the service you provide for a job well done.