Date Posted

May 9, 2023

Submitted by Chad Eamer, Civeo

According to the National Forestry Database over 8,000 fires occur each year and burn an average of
over 2.1 million hectares Also, lightning causes about 50% of all fires but accounts for about 85% of the
annual area burned, this is all within Canada. Obviously within Alberta we are seeing above normal
temperatures and another dry Spring which is leading to several Wildfires within the province. There are
currently 89 active wildfires within the province, and 23 that are considered out of control. I encourage everyone to bookmark the Alberta Wildfire dashboard and monitor it accordingly to the areas that you may operate and more so live in.

There is an abundance of information that can be found on the Alberta website when it comes to being
prepared, as well some preventative actions that can be taken.

Some simple things that can be done,
• If there is a fire ban in your area – don’t have a fire
• If you’re a smoker, please do not throw your cigarette butts out the window while driving
• Have a fire watch present when doing work that may cause a spark

Report a wildfire: If you see a wildfire in a forested area call 310-FIRE (3473)