Date Posted

November 8, 2023

Born and raised in Zimbabwe (Africa) after completing national service in the army, I emigrated to Canada and found myself in Montreal. Not really knowing what to do next after such a big move I started the process of obtaining my commercial driving license. This was back in 2001, I did some driving out there, but it was extremely hard to get a good position due to my lack of experience. I had heard of a “big boom” happening in Alberta, so I then made another move to, yet another area I had not even visited.

Started my career as a driver in 2005 at Manitoulin soon after obtaining my Class One driver license. They took a chance on me and gave me a start in truck driving. I was making general freight deliveries locally within Edmonton until I had some experience and then provincially within Alberta. With experience, then moved on to long combination vehicles mostly to Hay River and Yellowknife.

Later on moved to Pilot Flying J in 2011 as a fuel tanker driver delivering gas and diesel to Pilot Flying J locations/Card Lock in Alberta and Southern British Columbia, and at times to Saskatchewan.

I enjoy the independence my work provides whilst collaborating with the Dispatch team and manager. I appreciate the company open door policy, continuous learning opportunities and commitment to providing a healthy and safe environment. I even had the chance to visit head office in Knoxville Tennessee for a week.

Pilot Flying has provided me with a great work-life balance which has enabled me to pursue other interests outside of my busy work schedule. On a personal note, l am married and have three children- two boys and a girl. Outside of work, l like reading especially historical non-fiction and watching National Geographic channel on tv.

I look forward to many years of dedicated service at Pilot Flying J.

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