April 6AMTA Infectious Disease Control Guidance

March 24An open letter to AMTA membership and industry from AMTA President Chris Nash

March 16 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AMTA advocates for government exemption to ensure access to essential medical supplies and goods for Albertans

March 14 – The AMTA has cancelled a selection of upcoming courses, and is offering others in an online distance learning format. Click here for more information.

March 14 – The AMTA has compiled a list of upcoming transportation related events and their status, click here to view the list, and reach out to media@amta.ca if there is an update you’d like added, changed

March 13 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: AMTA statement on COVID-19 pandemic and recognition for supply chain commitment 

Our Edmonton Draw Down Dinner (April 2), and Leadership Conference & AGM will be postponed to later dates. Watch amta.ca, AMTA social media and your emails for the latest updates on our events.

AMTA Infectious Disease Control Guidance for employees, contractors and students