April 6
CTA Snapshot of Driver Rest Area/Service Facility Support During COVID-19
Government of Canada – Temporary Foreign Worker FAQs
Government of Canada – Temporary Foreign Workers Guidance for Employers
Government of Canada – Mandatory Isolation Q&A
April 3
CTA: CTA News Release ~ Summary of Provincial COVID-19 Roadside Checkpoints
April 2
CTA: Government of Canada releases further details on essential services
March 29
Global News: Coronavirus: Truckers work around the clock to keep supply lines open amid COVID-19 pandemic
March 27
AMTA: March 27 Daily Bulletin

Government of Canada: Additional Support for Canadian Businesses from the Economic Impact of COVID-19

March 26
AMTA: March 26 Daily Bulletin

Alberta Government: Alberta’s food supply system remains strong

Bulletin: Hours of Service Requirements

March 23
An open letter to AMTA members and industry from AMTA President Chris Nash

March 22
AMTA: March 22 Daily Bulletin

March 21
AMTA: March 21 Daily Bulletin

March 20
AMTA: March 20 Daily Bulletin
CTA: Important Notice from the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) Regarding Essential Travel as Defined by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
CTA: Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Stand Up for Trucking Industry
AMTA: Bulletin: Exposure Control Measures for the COVID-19 Outbreak
CBC Calgary: Tensions ‘quite high’ as Alberta truckers move supplies during COVID-19 outbreak
Trucking HR: Trucking HR COVID-19 Resource Guide for Trucking and Logistics Employers
AMTA: Bulletin: Talking with your children about Coronavirus

March 19
Workforce Updates
CTA: CTA & ATA Request Governments Keep Public Rest Areas Open During States of Emergency

March 18
Temporary Extension of Expiring Motor Vehicle Documents

March 17
Bulletin: Hours of Service updates for Canada and the US
Bulletin: Transport Canada updates

March 16
Via CTA: Speaking at a press conference, Transport Minister Marc Garneau said certain kinds of workers – such as truck drivers, train and air crews and others whose professions require cross-border travel to the U.S. in order to maintain trade and deliver essential products to Canadians – will be exempted from the  condition to self-isolate as the government attempts to limit the spread of coronavirus.

March 15
 CTA/ATA urge licensing and permit COVID-19 contingency plans

March 14
US issues limited suspension of HOS rules related to specific commodities
Employment Standards Legislation Changes