June 22, 2021
More Albertans to receive $1,200 Critical Worker Benefit
June 14, 2021Open for Summer Lottery for first and second doses
May 9, 2021770’s CHQR’s Rob Breakenridge interviews AMTA President Chris Nash about vaccinations
July 30
All border crossings to collect personal contact details from truck drivers
July 14
June 10
CTA Encourages Members to Use Newly Created Gov’t of Canada PPE Supply Hub
June 3
Yahoo Finance: Alberta Motor Transport Association and BMO Collaborate to Support Commercial Truck Drivers in Alberta
May 27
CTA: Have Your Say on Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy Extension and Reform
May 25
New tool available for commercial rent feedback
May 6
AMTA Bulletin: Temporary Extension of Expiring Motor Vehicle Documents Ends May 15
History Check converts app to aid drivers in seeking out rest areas
May 4
Provinces announces funding breakdown for north and central highway upgrades
April 30
Alberta’s safely staged COVID-19 relaunch
April 27
Alberta Government: Flood related highway closures
AMTA: Government Measures for Canada Put In Place Amid COVID-19 (updated to include Canada Student Response Benefit)
April 21
CTA rolls out ‘Dispatches’ podcast
CANXXUS launches Get Grub hotline for commercial drivers in North America
April 17
AMTA Bulletin Updated: Temporary Extension of Expiring Motor Vehicle Documents
OHS E-news
April 15
COVID-19 – Temporary reduction of service at some low traffic Canadian land border crossings
April 9
Province announces $2 billion investment in job creation – including highway repairs
April 6
CTA Snapshot of Driver Rest Area/Service Facility Support During COVID-19
Government of Canada – Temporary Foreign Worker FAQs
Government of Canada – Temporary Foreign Workers Guidance for Employers
Government of Canada – Mandatory Isolation Q&A
April 3
CTA: CTA News Release ~ Summary of Provincial COVID-19 Roadside Checkpoints
April 2
CTA: Government of Canada releases further details on essential services
March 29
Global News: Coronavirus: Truckers work around the clock to keep supply lines open amid COVID-19 pandemic
March 27
AMTA: March 27 Daily Bulletin

Government of Canada: Additional Support for Canadian Businesses from the Economic Impact of COVID-19

March 26
AMTA: March 26 Daily Bulletin

Alberta Government: Alberta’s food supply system remains strong

Bulletin: Hours of Service Requirements

March 23
An open letter to AMTA members and industry from AMTA President Chris Nash

March 22
AMTA: March 22 Daily Bulletin

March 21
AMTA: March 21 Daily Bulletin

March 20
AMTA: March 20 Daily Bulletin
CTA: Important Notice from the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) Regarding Essential Travel as Defined by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
CTA: Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association Stand Up for Trucking Industry
AMTA: Bulletin: Exposure Control Measures for the COVID-19 Outbreak
CBC Calgary: Tensions ‘quite high’ as Alberta truckers move supplies during COVID-19 outbreak
Trucking HR: Trucking HR COVID-19 Resource Guide for Trucking and Logistics Employers
AMTA: Bulletin: Talking with your children about Coronavirus

March 19
Workforce Updates
CTA: CTA & ATA Request Governments Keep Public Rest Areas Open During States of Emergency

March 18
Temporary Extension of Expiring Motor Vehicle Documents

March 17
Bulletin: Hours of Service updates for Canada and the US
Bulletin: Transport Canada updates

March 16
Via CTA: Speaking at a press conference, Transport Minister Marc Garneau said certain kinds of workers – such as truck drivers, train and air crews and others whose professions require cross-border travel to the U.S. in order to maintain trade and deliver essential products to Canadians – will be exempted from the  condition to self-isolate as the government attempts to limit the spread of coronavirus.

March 15
 CTA/ATA urge licensing and permit COVID-19 contingency plans

March 14
US issues limited suspension of HOS rules related to specific commodities
Employment Standards Legislation Changes