Date Posted

September 9, 2021

More than ever people are realizing the importance of what commercial drivers do for us all, and as an association, the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) will continue to add our voice to the chorus to say “thank you”.

AMTA, sponsors, volunteers and Alberta Sheriffs will be on hand at locations across Alberta from Sept. 10 to 16 at Vehicle Inspection Stations providing drivers with a vocal “thank you” and a gift bag thanks to our generous sponsors.

AMTA’s Driver Appreciation Events coincide with National Trucking Week, an event beginning on the first Sunday in September and running to the following Saturday.

“The purpose of the weeklong celebration is to recognize the important contributions made by the 400,000 Canadian men and women who keep the country’s freight moving,” states the Canadian Trucking Alliance, who launched the celebratory week in conjunction with provincial trucking associations “many years ago”.

For details on AMTA events, click here.