Date Posted

August 28, 2020

The EPS Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit (CVIU), as it is currently known has been in existence for 25 years. 

Formerly known as the Truck Unit, it was originally staffed by two members of the traffic enforcement teams. Following an EPS Traffic Services Branch (TSB) reorganization at the beginning of this year (2020), CVIU now finds itself with six constables and one sergeant. 

While primarily tasked with the enforcement of Commercial Vehicle legislation, CVIU also devotes time to driver and company education, criminal investigations involving commercial vehicles and working with their partners, including the AMTA, to keep the highways of Alberta safe for everyone. CVIU is also proud to be participating in this years Horsepower for Hope charity event supporting the Kids with Cancer Society. 

Sgt. Dave Beattie

Dave started his policing career in England in 1995 following a spell as a military pilot. In 2003 he emigrated to Canada whereupon he joined EPS. Certified in 2015 as both a Commercial Vehicle and Dangerous Goods inspector, Dave spent 4 years with CVIU as a constable before returning as the Sergeant in 2020. 

Cst. Andy Hiller 

Having been certified for the past 18 years, Andy brings with him 10 years of experience with Alberta Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE). Of his 8 years service with EPS, the last five have been with the CVIU. Andy is also certified in Dangerous Goods 

Cst. Kyle Westergaard 

Like Andy, Kyle started his commercial vehicle career with CVE. Having been a member of EPS for the last 14 years, Kyle comes to the unit from Major Collison Investigation Unit (MCIU) where he spent time as a collision analyst. Again, Kyle is certified in Dangerous Goods. 

Cst. Rick Wevers 

Rick was certified as an inspector in 2013 and has been a member of the unit since 2015. Having spent most of his EPS career within TSB, Rick is also a certified collision reconstructionist. Prior to joining EPS, Rick spent 17 years as a Motor Coach operator specializing in tour bus operations. 

Cst. Todd Hudec

Todd is now in his 20 year of service with EPS and has been certified since 2015 in both commercial vehicle and dangerous goods inspections. During his career Todd partnered with his dog Shadow as part of the EPS Canine Unit. 

Cst. Bryce Healey

Bryce started his law enforcement career as a Correctional Officer in Calgary.  He then transitioned to the EPS where he was been working for the past 13 years.  Having been certified in 2019, Bryce has been part of CVIU since February 2020.   

Cst. Trevor Henderson

Trevor has been with EPS for the last 14 years with the last 5 being part of TSB. Trevor was certified in 2018 and has been with CVIU for the last year. Prior to joining EPS, Trevor worked in the forestry industry.