Date Posted

September 30, 2020

To all professional drivers, I want to say thank you!  

This year has brought unprecedented challenges, and I know I speak for many when I say how grateful we are for your continued effortsWe truly appreciate your early morning and late night starts, your ability to safely navigate through high traffic areas one moment and then descend down some of Canada’s largest mountains the next. We understand that without you, our economy and our day-to-day comforts would suffer immensely. 

To the spouses, children and friends of professional drivers, we also appreciate you and your steadfast support for those who are behind the wheel each day. Regardless if it is an eight-hour shift or a 14-day rounder, I recall the pleasant feeling of knowing I was coming home to those I cared for after being away for weeks at a time. 

Throughout the month of September, the Alberta Sheriffs, Justice and Solicitor General and the AMTA hosted Driver Appreciation events across our great province. This year’s events were a successand I want to extend a huge thanks to the team at the AMTA, Alberta Sheriffs, Carrier Members and vendors in our industry for making it happen! 

If you have not yet experienced a Driver Appreciation event as a professional driver, or as someone who works within our great industry, let me paint a picture for you of what takes place: 

In the early morning, at a designated commercial vehicle inspection station, multiple volunteers gather with the intention to serve. Volunteers strategically organize thousands (yes, thousands) of pens, hats, water bottles, sanitizer, snacks, etc. An assembly line is created, and such items are placed into really nice swag bags. After all of the items are inside the bags, volunteers re-assemble near the scale pad and prepare to handout the bags. As professional drivers approach the scale pad, the volunteers then safely wave down drivers to stop. Once stopped, we handout the swag bags and verbally express our gratitude for their continued efforts.  

Honestly, these events are an amazing experience, and if anyone is looking to participate in the future, I highly encourage it! 

After each event, I find myself reflecting on my own experiences as a former driver. I still remember the feeling of a former employer showing appreciation for my extra effort, as well as the feeling of being undervalued, regardless of how hard I worked. I believe these experiences molded my mind, and encourage me to do my best to show appreciation for professional drivers.  

Earlier this month I asked my 10-year-old son, who is a trucking advocate himself, to write a quick note about professional drivers. He wrote, “Truck drivers, they bring supplies all around, it goes on roads up and down. If you got it, a truck brought it!” 

My challenge to all of us, who are working in our great industry, let us continue to show our appreciation to our professional drivers! #ThankATrucker 

Thank you, 

Josh Hannaberry