Date Posted

August 26, 2020

Effective Start: September 1, 2020

Effective End: December 31, 2020

Alberta’s Certificate of Recognition (COR) program saw multiple accommodations made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most significant was the move to “documentation only” audits and the resulting one-year COR employers would receive when certifying using this method. This limitation on their certificate meant employers would need to hire an external auditor to complete their audit next year as well, instead of enjoying two years of maintenance audits that could be completed by an internal auditor. AMTA is pleased to report that this situation has now changed.

In a decision confirmed by Ian Hooper, Director of Partnerships in Injury Reduction, at the Government of Alberta, the COR program will now permit external auditors to complete re-certification audits that grant full three-year certificates to employers. This means employers who retain a consultant to complete their re-certification audit in 2020 will receive a new three-year COR as opposed to the one-year COR certificate that was previously mentioned. If you have already completed a re-certification audit this year, your COR will be updated automatically to reflect this change.

Further to this, Partnerships in Injury Reduction has also approved the use of an internal auditor to complete re-certification audits until the end of the 2020 calendar year. While this option provides a greater degree of flexibility and cost control for employers, it will only result in a one-year COR certificate and another re-certification audit will be required in 2021.

Finally, these decisions impact all Certifying Partners and apply to all Employers and Auditors in the program. Those employers certifying for the first time are not eligible for either of these options as they have not completed a full audit cycle prior. Check out the attached FAQ on what these changes mean to you or contact for additional clarification.

For the 2020 CP COVID-19 Committee Decisions, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I completed my recertification already, will I be eligible to have my one-year COR replaced with a three-year COR?

Yes. AMTA will make this change on your behalf and update you accordingly. No action is required on your part to ensure that this is completed.

Will I get a three-year COR if I am certifying for the first time?

No. This option is only available to those companies that have completed at least one certification audit and two maintenance audits. This is referred to as a “full cycle”.

If I switched from SECOR to COR, will I get a three-year COR ?

No. This option is only available to those companies that have completed at least one certification audit and two maintenance audits as COR.

Can I use my internal auditor to complete my re-certification audit now?

Yes. AMTA will accept an audit registration listing your certified Internal Auditor for the completion of any re-certification audit. You will need to confirm that you are aware of the resulting one-year COR at the time of registration. This does not apply to internal auditor qualification audits.

Is a one-year COR as good as a three-year COR?

Yes. The only difference is that you will need to re-certify a one-year COR in 2021. This will involve hiring an External (Consultant) Auditor as the opportunity to use an Internal Auditor for re-certification audits will not exist after December 31, 2020.