Date Posted

February 1, 2019

Changes to the Safety Fitness Certificate in Alberta are being implemented that may impact your business. The renewal of Safety Fitness Certificates is going to highlight the importance of carrier compliance and confidently engage more carriers to seek out compliance information. By taking a proactive review carriers safety programs and driver behavior and addressing any safety issues that are identified immediately, a company may not only improve their level of compliance and on-road safety performance, but also earn a positive reputation within the transportation industry.

Important Changes:

January 1 2019; Temporary Safety Fitness Certificates will no longer be issued.

Carriers operating under a Temporary Safety Fitness Certificate must apply for a SFC within 60 Days the Temp SFC was issued. Failure to do this may result in a suspension or downgrading of their safety fitness rating.

Going forward existing carriers:

Existing carriers with permanent Safety Fitness Certificates will be required to renew their Safety Fitness Certificate between 2019 and 2022. Alberta Transportation will mail reminder notices in 2019 to these carriers. More information to come.

Waiting on an update for Government of Alberta regarding renewal application.  Be on the lookout for more information.

MELT – What’s changing

Currently, Alberta does not have regulated training for Class 1 or 2 licences.

MELT curriculum


Starting March 1, 2019, drivers seeking a Class 1 (tractor trailer) or Class 2 (bus) licence will be required to complete mandatory entry-level training in order to apply for their licence.

  • Training will include a government-mandated number of training hours in-class, in-yard and in-vehicle.
  • Standardized curriculums must be taught at all licenced Alberta driving schools.
  • Knowledge and road tests for Class 1 and Class 2 drivers will be expanded to include the new curriculum.

Important information: Any driver who obtains a Class 1 or 2 between October 10th 2018 and March 1st 2019 Must retake the new enhanced knowledge and Road test when it becomes available in March.

Who bares the cost for re-testing?

This is to ensure all new drivers meet the new standards. Drivers will have two attempts to pass, the first one at the government’s expense.

The Government of Alberta will pay for the first enhanced knowledge test and enhanced road test. All other costs, including the vehicle rental, must be paid by the client.

Anyone who fails either enhanced test will have one more chance to retake the test (at their own expense).

MELT curriculum