Date Posted

December 13, 2022

Dave Elniski, AMTA Industry Advisor, Safety & Compliance

On November 25th, 2022, the Government of Alberta announced plans to complete the twinning of the remaining portions of Highway 3.  Broken into eight phases with varying timings, the plan is to twin the remaining 215 kilometres of the Southern Alberta highway. [1]

A fully-twinned Highway 3 is expected to significantly increase the ability of Southern Alberta’s agricultural, manufacturing, and oil and gas industries to access both local and international markets.  It may also lead to the establishment of other businesses that, without an expansion of the current transportation networks in the area, cannot justify operations.

“I was excited to hear the Government of Alberta recommit to the full twinning of Highway 3 from the BC border to Medicine Hat,” said Doug Paisley of Lethbridge Truck Terminals and Chairman of AMTA’s Board of Directors.  “This will reduce traffic congestion and improve safety for all road users.”

AMTA’s Compliance & Regulatory Affairs (CRA) wants to thank the Highway 3 Twinning Development Association (H3TDA) for their work on advancing this issue as a significant industry priority.  The recent announcement shows the strength of a collaborative approach to advocacy, and we support the H3TDA’s work in this area.

Getting Involved Through CRA

AMTA is proud to be a bridge between Alberta’s trucking and busing industries and relevant government departments.  AMTA’s Compliance & Regulatory Affairs (CRA) committee works hard to advance the issues of Alberta’s trucking and busing industries.  Contact us at for questions and details.

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1 – Government of Alberta. “We’re twinning Highway 3.” November 25th, 2022 announcement.  Accessed December 2nd, 2022 from