Date Posted

November 15, 2021

Have a little one with a flair for the creative? Been longing to use those Laurentian Pencil Crayons you’ve had forever?

Participate in our CTPS Daisy and Lily Colouring Contest!


Daisy and Lily are the two trucks behind our Cooperative Truck Platooning System trials.

The trucks will be operated by Bison Transport. Drivers will train in the Rocky View, Alberta area before officially taking the project on the road.

Driver-assist technology – provided by Pronto – will allow close-proximity following in platoon formation, reducing drag, and increasing fuel efficiency. Other sensors, radar and camera technology will end information between the trucks to ensure safe operations including, active braking and acceleration systems responding to any acceleration and deceleration by the lead vehicle.

The project includes ensuring platooning technology is tested for the safety of vehicle operators as well as the motoring public. The pilot will be unique in its study of human factor considerations and use during different seasons – including cold Alberta winters.

Submit your finished posters to or take a photo and tag us at @amta_ca with #Daisy&Lily