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April 27, 2023

CITT has announced it newest alliance with an industry association. The formalization of the relationship between CITT and the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) is the first step in the two associations’ collaboration to better the commercial transportation industry.

The Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) is a not-for-profit association dedicated to advancing commercial transportation in Alberta through progressive policy, safety programs, training, advocacy, collaboration, and more.

CITT forms alliances with key organizations that represent groups of businesses or individuals with strong ties to the Canadian logistics sector to collaborate, support each other’s initiatives, and foster the spirit of cooperation through which the sector thrives. Among other objectives, CITT hopes to platform and champion AMTA’s thought leadership and exciting research and innovation, and AMTA will be able to offer more of CITT’s learning and professional development opportunities to its members.

“The AMTA has been doing impressive work for the industry in Alberta for more than 85 years,” says Pina Melchionna, President and CEO of CITT, “and it has been trailblazing towards the future with research and innovation projects – from zero-emission initiatives to cooperative truck platooning and beyond. AMTA is a superb example of what a first-rate commercial transportation association should strive to accomplish for its members and industry.

“Creating an alliance with AMTA has been a priority for CITT since we began formalizing relationships with associations,” Melchionna continues. “We’re immensely looking forward to working together for the betterment of the entire sector in the province and beyond.”

“AMTA’s new partnership with CITT will certainly advance the commercial transportation industry in Alberta and beyond,” says Doug Paisley, AMTA Board Chair. “We look forward to what this alliance will offer our members, stakeholders, and Albertans, and we thank CITT for helping AMTA achieve its vision of being the global leader for commercial safety, innovation, and data – driving the growth of Alberta’s economy by 2025.”

About the Alberta Motor Transport Association

The Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) is The Voice, The Standard and The Resource for commercial transportation in Alberta. Since 1938, the Association has advanced the industry through safety programs, progressive policy, and key partnerships. For more than 85 years, AMTA’s work has encompassed a broad range of environmental, psychosocial, socio-economic, safety, advocacy, and compliance matters that impact provincial highways. Projects in research and innovation bring key stakeholders together to lead and develop innovative technologies that will significantly enhance the industry, while reducing adverse human and environmental impacts.

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