Date Posted

September 1, 2022

When it comes to managing one’s safety on the road, even the most seasoned commercial drivers will tell you that knowing when and how to install tire chains can mean the difference between getting home safely at the end of the day… or not.

Through a first-of-its-kind course on tire chain installation, ChainSmart™ has the wheels to change the trucking industry for the better when it comes to safety, saving carriers thousands of dollars down the road.

“My product is pretty simple,” explains Wolfgang Brocklebank, ChainSmart™ owner and founder. “Yet, although there was a strong need for this safety course, it had never been created before – anywhere in North America. This tire chain installation course – offered entirely online and accessible to anyone, anywhere – was created to give drivers confidence, through proper training to perform their job safely no matter the road conditions – whether mud, or snow.”

The 97-minute course boasts 14 short video tutorials, each of which includes theory, animation, demonstration of proper tire chain installations, chapter questions, and a 28-question final exam to pass. Course participants will be eligible for the ChainSmart™ Level 1 certification upon successful completion of the course.

For ChainSmart™, it is integral drivers know how to install tire chains quickly, confidently, and properly, no matter the conditions. Both the BC and Saskatchewan Trucking Associations have adopted the course and are promoting it to its members. Brocklebank’s search to expand the training across the country, lead him to the AMTA+ program.

“I want ChainSmart™ to be known across Canada and all trucking associations stand behind the course,” Brocklebank adds. “So, the AMTA partnership was a priority to me especially, with the benefits this course has in the muddy oil and gas industries.”

Chainsmart™’s goal is for the course to be adopted as the industry standard for tire chain training. The course is a one-stop shop for gathering all tire chain safety information through one convenient training program.

“We’re here to help commercial drivers who, in most cases, were never offered this training, but who may have been expected to somehow know how to safely install and use tire chains! Some were never offered this formal benchmark of chain training” Brocklebank says.

Why ChainSmart?

  • Prevent owners and operators from spending thousands of dollars each year replacing chains that are lost, broken, or destroyed from improper use
  • Reduce load times delays and losses of product delivery caused by road closures or accidents
  • Prevent or stop serious accidents or death

The ChainSmart™, training will help drivers keep themselves, their equipment, and everyone else on the road safe. For Brocklebank, this is why he developed the course.

“Everyone getting home safe to their families is what truly matters,” Brocklebank says.

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