The AMTA is changing the way carriers and transportation professionals train and enhance their skills, every day.

Opened in October of 2018, our state-of-the-art facility includes a 20,000 square foot building with business rental space availability and five acre closed track. The first of its kind in Canada and fully endorsed by the Association’s membership, the facility is registered for LEED Certification and is a world-class hub for research, technology and innovation, and the development and delivery of safety training.

Design, construction, operation and maintenance of our building adheres to strict LEED standards, enabling us to save energy, water, and resources, reduce waste and support our staff, visitors and community.

AMTA Green Features

Location & Transportation: A Better Way to Travel

  • We encourage our employees to make sustainable vehicle purchases and offer them and our visitors three – level 2 electric vehicle chargers, that are located in preferred parking locations near the main door of the building

Sustainable Site: Environment and Biodiversity

  • Using smart lighting design means that we reduce the amount of light pollution from outdoor light fixtures, and we are located in a MLO lighting zine – LZE (moderately high ambient lighting zone).
  • The building also has a green roof planted with various Sedum spp. which are hardy, drought resistant and cold tolerant. Bioswales are features of the outdoor landscaping surrounding the building as well.

PBT Reduction:

  • Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxins (PBTs) are reduced using mercury-free LED lamps, cadmium-free paints and lead-free plumbing fixtures, fittings and solder.

Materials and Resources: Better Materials in Construction

  • All building materials were carefully chosen with employees’ health and well-being in mind and being cognizant of environmental impact.
  • All materials in our facility have been selected as they met responsible extraction criteria (recycled content, certified wood products and bio-based materials), and we sourced local products where we could to promote local business and avoid long distance shipments.
  • Our building diverted approximately 50% of waste from the landfill to recycling facilities during construction.


  • Our building is also equipped with lighting controls in the form of individual three level dimmers throughout. This allows occupants to control lighting in their work area while also providing 100% LED and life rating of L70 minimum.

Indoor Environmental Quality: Better Interior Air Quality and Lighting

  • Our building uses materials that improve the overall indoor air quality, as we selected permanently installed products based on the compliance of the most stringent VOC requirements and standards on the present market.
  • Adhesives, sealants, paints and coatings met content requirements for air quality and public health, as well as low emission.
  • All flooring, ceilings, walls, thermal and acoustic insulation met emission evaluations and the furniture selected and overall indoor environment enhance air quality.

Thermal Comfort:

  • The building is equipped with thermal comfort controls throughout, allowing occupants to control the temperature in their area.

Daylighting and Views:

  • Approximately 75% of all regularly occupied spaces within the building have access to natural daylight from large, triple-pane, low-E coated windows, and approximately 90% of regularly occupied spaces have access to exterior views.

Energy and Atmosphere: Reduction in Energy Use

  • Our facility energy costs have been reduced by approximately 25% when compared to a standard building. Design strategies to reduce consumption include: high performance building façade, triple pane windows, high efficiency HVAC systems, LED lighting throughout, daylight sensors and occupancy sensors.
  • The building also utilizes refrigerants that do not contribute to ozone depletion and produce less GHG emissions compared to conventional refrigerant systems.

Water Efficiency: Reduced Water Use (building and people)

  • Our building uses approximately 45% less water than a standard building, thanks to water efficient fixtures and flush devices.