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November 24, 2022

Brian Dumsday, P. Eng, P. Log (1946-2021) is the posthumous recipient of the AMTA 2022 Friend to Industry Award.

Established in 2021, this annual award celebrates friends and stakeholders who create paths for AMTA and the commercial transportation industry through challenging times and beyond.

AMTA announced the 2022 award winner at its Annual General Meeting in September; the award was presented to Carol Dumsday, Brian’s wife, on Nov. 23, 2022.

“Brian has left an enduring impact that continues to resonate throughout the industry,” says Jude Groves, AMTA Board of Directors’ Immediate Past Chair. “AMTA is proud to bestow this honour, posthumously, to a gentleman and stalwart friend of our Association.”

During his tenure with Alberta Economic Development and Alberta Innovation and Science, Brian was a tireless ambassador in attracting industry and investment to the province. A great friend to the commercial transportation industry, his passion and legacy helped transform the labour market and logistical and supply chain security within Alberta.

“I am so proud of Brian and all he did and gave to others,” Carol says. “He never looked for recognition for his efforts; he just did them because he wanted to and because he always wanted to give back. He would be so happy and humbled to receive this award. Thank you so much for this honour… it means a lot to our family.”

The commercial transportation industry is a collaboration of countless stakeholders who, together, pursue shared objectives and opportunities that benefit all Albertans. The Friend to Industry Award honours individuals who, though not directly involved in the industry, champion commercial transportation in demonstrable and meaningful ways. It is their voices that carry us when we need them the most.

“Brian has set a high standard of excellence in the transportation and logistics community, which will, undoubtedly, inspire a new generation of commercial transportation specialists for years to come,” Groves says.

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