Date Posted

March 13, 2020

March 13, 2020


In light of the COVID-19 outbreak around the world, the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) has been and will continue to provide up-to-date resources to membership, employees and the public as news unfolds.

The association is closely following all Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services directives and as a health and safety organization, fully understands the severity of the current situation and the significant role that the supply chain plays within it.

The situation is becoming increasingly concerning as provinces begin to issue statements requiring 14 day quarantine for Canadians leaving and entering Canada. This could be catastrophic if applied to truck drivers who are transporting essential goods, thereby putting public safety at even more serious risk.

“Trucking and transportation are vital to getting medical and sanitation supplies and other emergency items as well as food and water delivered every day, in every single community in our province. The supply chain is critical during this very stressful and trying time,” stressed Chris Nash, president of the AMTA.

The AMTA has closely aligned itself with other transportation associations across the country to challenge this move by government, to ensure that truck drivers can keep products moving for pandemic response.

“Trucking is an essential service and especially during times of a global epidemic. The government needs to exempt truck drivers from this directive to ensure access to the essential supplies that keep us all alive.”


Kelsey Hipkin
Staff Writer
Alberta Motor Transport Association