Date Posted

June 9, 2022


Based in Houston, Texas, FleetWaze, the Transportation Management System (TMS), joined the Third-Party Certified ELD Service/Devices in Canada in April.  And, as a proud AMTA+ member, FleetWaze provides a 10% discount to all fellow AMTA members!

However, the company, which was founded out of a need for real-time data and activity to connect everyone involved in a provided service, is much more than an ELD provider.

“During Hurricane Sandy [in 2012], while volunteering to help dispatch and manage rescue crews, supply vehicles, powerline trucks, and refueling tankers – using whiteboards and phones on a runway at Fort Dix, NJ – it was realized that a digital system that could seamlessly provide complete transportation control and visibility to fleet and personnel, and connect to everyone involved in the process, would save lives.  We were able to accomplish that and now bring increased safety, efficiencies, and increased revenue to all that use it.” explains Jessica Stiver, Managing Director at Tech Evolution Partners, the Management Partners for FleetWaze.

For almost a decade, FleetWaze has helped organizations perform safe, efficient, and more profitable fleet and field service work with complete transportation functionality. These services span from brokerage functionality, order management, optimization, GPS tracking/Breadcrumbs, and geofencing, in-cab cameras, fleet maintenance/management, invoicing, inventories, customer service, driver apps, ELD, customer portal for order submission and tracking, and more.








The Government of Canada announced an ELD mandate for commercial carriers as of June 12, 2021, a date later pushed to Jan. 1, 2023, for full compliance.  Stiver emphasized, “We strongly encourage any company that needs to be ELD compliant to find a certified service sooner than later, to ensure equipment is available.  FleetWaze has a direct relationship with our certified Geometris ELD device manufacturer and has quantity ready for Canada to ensure our customers won’t face equipment shortages and backorders that have been trending between 3-6 months for many other service providers.”

“Obtaining Canadian certification has been a top priority for FleetWaze over the last year to ensure we meet and exceed all Canadian standards and to provide this vital mandated service to our Canadian customers,” Stiver adds. “FleetWaze takes its responsibility to support the transportation and field service industries seriously, and we are partners with all our customers to ensure their success.

“We don’t sell software; we provide support and success to our customers by ensuring they achieve their business goals by leveraging FleetWaze to propel them forward in safety, asset utilization, profitability, increased customer satisfaction, and so much more.”

The user-friendly FleetWaze ELD features several key benefits, including:

  • DVIR compliance,
  • GPS tracking/Breadcrumbs
  • One-touch data collection for roadside inspections,
  • One-click reporting for IFTA,
  • Immediate log edits, and
  • 24/7 support.





The device reports constant data from the truck engine, odometer, and other driver behaviour data. When coupled with the FleetWaze ELD app, the two technologies communicate and all drive activity and driver status changes are tracked and reported from the app to the FleetWaze cloud, making data instantly available for dispatchers, fleet managers, and other office/support staff in real time.

FleetWaze has technical and sales team professionals around the world, including its 24/7 Support Teams based in Houston and Miami, FL.

To learn more about FleetWaze, its ELD service, AMTA member discount, or the company’s other products, visit, or reach out to its sales team by email ( or phone (1-855-663-2833, option 4).