Date Posted

April 15, 2020

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the commercial transportation industry has been in the spotlight as drivers continue to get important goods, such as groceries and medical supplies where they need to go.

People from across the province and country, from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to Lieutenant Governor for Alberta Lois Mitchell to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney have taken the time to personally thank drivers for their commitment during the outbreak, and beyond.

But now that spotlight has grown even bigger, and it is not from a big name this time, but rather a smaller and equally important one.

A Grade 2 student to be precise.

The student, out of Master’s Academy in Calgary wrote the letter as a virtual classroom assignment of teach Annelise Tubb.

““I am proud of my students because they wanted to ensure that essential workers in Canada know how they are making a difference during this difficult time,” said Tubb.

One student penned her thank you to truck drivers (the child’s name has been withheld in confidentiality).

“I’m very thankful to you for being brave. You are taking good care of all citizens. First, by putting food on the shelves. Second, you travel long distances so we can have food in the stores. Thanks to your work, people all over the city have access to all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and well. You work hard by risking yours and your family’s health so we can have food t put on our plates. You put a smile on my face knowing how much you risk. I’m praying for you to stay healthy and to keep up the great work. You are my hero, thank you.”

Tubb added the student chose truck drivers for her letter because she felt they need to be encouraged and supported.

“I am proud of the thoughtfulness and kindness expressed by my students,” she said. “Hopefully the letter will bring a smile to workers’ faces. Thank you for all you do!”

The AMTA has also been in contact with a St. Albert school conducting a similar letter writing campaign to share students work and support with drivers.

Anyone with similar letter campaigns or #ThankATrucker initiatives can reach out to and the AMTA will work to ensure your support is seen by fleets and drivers across the province.