Date Posted

March 1, 2021

The Alberta Government has released the budget for 2021.

The AMTA recognizes the Alberta Government’s ongoing investment in transportation infrastructure and what that means to how essential commercial transportation is to the underpinnings of our economy.

Highlights from the budget affecting the transportation sector include:

  • The ministry’s 2020-21 operating expense forecast is $468 million, an increase
    of $65 million from Budget 2020 primarily from stimulus funding to address
    pothole repairs and other critical maintenance activities, which creates good
    jobs and increases economic activity. Budget 2021 reflects the continued
    implementation of SafeRoads Alberta and support for commercial drivers
    under the Mandatory Entry-Level Training program, as well as the transition of
    passenger vehicle road tests back to a private delivery model.””
  • $200 million for Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP)
    and water infrastructure projects; and
  • “The recovery in investment outside oil and gas extraction over the medium
    term will continue to be led by the transportation sector, as several projects
    begin or ramp up construction. Among these is TC Energy’s expansion of
    its NGTL system, with construction slated to commence early this year and
    expected to be completed in early 2022. Pembina Pipeline is also expected
    to resume construction of the next phase of its Peace Pipeline expansion this
    year. Meanwhile, the warehousing sector has been more resilient during the
    pandemic, as some businesses shifted away from using retail to industrial space
    in response to a pickup in online sales. This is partly offsetting weaker demand
    from energy services and supply companies.”
  • “The Ministry of Transportation supports the province’s economic, social
    and environmental vitality by developing and preserving a safe, efficient and
    affordable multi-modal transportation system.”
  • “In response to COVID-19, and as part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan, there was
    over $900 million in planned Budget 2020 funding accelerated into 2020-
    21 and 2021-22 for shovel-ready CMR projects. A total of $685 million is
    allocated in 2020-21, which includes pothole repairs, and $250 million is
    planned in Budget 2021. Of the $250 million planned in Budget 2021,
    $157 million is for transportation projects, $77 million is for government
    facilities, $13 million is for seniors and housing projects, while $3 million is
    for public safety equipment.”

To read the budget in full, click here.